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Paula’s Ibiza by Loewe is a unisex green woody fragrance. It was released in 2020 and created by Núria Cruelles Borrull.

This release is a significant testament to the fact that originality is alive and thriving in the world of perfumery, a refreshing slap in the face to those who claim otherwise.

As a fragrance enthusiast, I was pleasantly surprised by what this Spanish designer house offered. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the unexpected delights it can bring.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of galbanum in perfumery, and on certain occasions, I still struggle to enjoy this excellent release to the fullest, trust me when I say this is such an underrated gem.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza in three words: BITTER – EARTHY – CAPRICIOUS

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This fragrance is more than just a scent. It’s a story of how a single fragrance sparked my interest in a perfume house I had previously overlooked. It’s a journey of discovery and appreciation.


Loewe Paula's Ibiza - box

The fragrance’s name comes from a closed fashion store on the island of Ibiza, established in 1972 by Armin Heinemann. The store had become synonymous with the island’s free-spirited vibe.

With the collaboration of Loewe’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson, and perfumer Núria Cruelles Borrull, they wanted to achieve the atmosphere of a time and the pulse of a place in a bottle, especially when those moments are long gone.

Released in 2020, this forward-thinking composition required specific ingredients.

It was achieved using an unusual mix of galbanum and patchouli and typical beachy fragrance bases such as coconut, vanilla, driftwood ambergris, and frangipani.

Anderson, who spent time in Ibiza during his youth, wanted this release to be volatile and fickle, just like a summer breeze.

This perfume is still in production and available in 50ml for $90.00 and 100ml for $103.00.


A NOTE FROM THE BRAND: “A floral, acquatic and ambery Eau de Toilette for men and women, created by Jonathan Anderson and LOEWE’s in-house perfumer Nuria Cruelles. Coconut water is layered with bright green galbanum and Madagascan mandarin oils upon heart notes of driftwood, sand lily and frangipani flowers, with vanilla absolute and Sulawesi patchouli oil combined with the warm ambergris to form a soft, sultry base. Ultimately, it is a spontaneous and carefree composition: escapism, bottled.”


  • Perfumer: Núria Cruelles Borrull
  • Perfume oil concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Fragrance type: Green Woody
  • Release date: 2020
  • Target audience: Unisex
  • Masculine/Feminine: 80% – 20%
  • Most dominant notes: Mandarin Orange, Galbanum, and Patchouli
  • Age group: 25+
  • Seasons: Summer
  • Occasions: Summer Vacation and Leisure
  • Longevity and projection: 10 – 12 hours with very good projection
  • The recommended number of sprays: 2 – 4
  • Compliments: Low
  • Likeability: Moderate
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Presentation: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Price: $$
  • Accords: Woody, Green, Citrus
  • Reviewed batch code: 02117302 – January 2021
  • Reformulated: No
  • Holy Grail Scent Rating: A
  • Sample/Buy/Pass: Sample
  • Testing period: 3 months
  • Production: Available
  • Probability of discontinuation: Moderate-High

Top notes: Madagascan Mandarin Orange, Galbanum, Coconut Water
Heart notes: Driftwood, Frangipani, Narcissus
Base notes: Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Ambergris, Indonesian Patchouli


Loewe Paula's Ibiza - bottle without cap

As you can see in the images provided in this article, the presentation is top-notch and on the much more expensive niche level. Something we rarely see on a designer level.

By looking at the box, you can see that summer inspired it. It features coral details, sea life, and a couple of mermaids colored in a tropical light blue hue.

This quality cardboard material splits in two, with the bottle sitting tightly in a foam-like material.

However, I still recommend being careful when picking up the box to avoid a potential drop that could end in a disaster.

It’s a small caution to ensure your experience with this fragrance is perfect.

The bottle is also a work of art. It is cylindrical and mirrors vibrant colors associated with Paula’s Ibiza fashion line: green, sunny yellow, and sunset red.

This color choice is no accident. It evokes the warm glimmer of a sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, perfectly capturing the spirit of Ibiza.

The presentation would be even better if a magnetic cap(Lowe’s brand logo on the top) and a better atomizer were included, but I don’t mind at all for this price.


Loewe Paula's Ibiza - mandarin oranges

  • Madagascan Mandarin Orange
  • Galbanum
  • Coconut Water

When we remove everything else, the most crucial aspect of any fragrance is how it smells.

I won’t lie to you and say that Ibiza is an easy sunscreen-type scent that is easily likable because it isn’t.

It requires a mature nose to appreciate all of its nuances, and even after three months, I find myself thinking whether I like it or not.

Regardless, I can put aside all my biases about what I prefer and provide you with an unbiased opinion about any fragrance. 

This fragrance is nothing short of a masterpiece. A fragrance that finally doesn’t smell like the typical beachy and boring scents on the market.

It opens up with the juiciest mandarin orange, combined with hints of coconut and that unapologetic galbanum present from the start until the fragrance fades away from the skin.

The effect is a rubbery smell that I can guarantee you either haven’t smelled yet or you rarely see in other releases.

The issue for me is that galbanum comes off as bitter and smells like immortelle and old-school patchouli, which is also in the base here.

The only time I can tolerate it is when it is super hot outside, which prevents it from getting too big too soon. 

A love or hate opening that won’t be changed as the fragrance starts to open and develop.


Loewe Paula's Ibiza - driftwood

  • Driftwood
  • Frangipani
  • Narcissus

The heart adds marine and floral touches to the composition, getting more complex but never stronger than galbanum.

Each time I wear Ibiza, I’m never reminded of a sunny beach but rather a stormy day and a cold rain about to fall on hot sand.

This fragrance is best suited for those cooler summer days when you want to add a touch of intrigue to your outfit, but it can also be worn in the spring to remind yourself of the upcoming summer holidays.

Driftwood adds woodiness, and ambergris comes sooner than expected to provide a salty touch.

I am also not 100% certain about what frangipani smells like, but be aware that there is a specific floral smell at this stage of scent progression.


Loewe Paula's Ibiza - fern

  • Bourbon Vanilla Absolute
  • Ambergris
  • Indonesian Patchouli

It will take some time to detect the base notes perfectly, which are vanilla, ambergris, and patchouli trifecta. 

With its earthy nuances, patchouli is also unapologetic like galbanum, while vanilla and ambergris balance the composition

Besides the fading of mandarin orange, coconut, and florals from the heart, the scent is more or less what you got from the first spray until it dries down. 

I know that we are constantly complaining about how most of the scents these days are copies of a copy, and this is your chance to see what creativity is in this oversaturated genre.

If we don’t start supporting brands willing to take creative risks, scents like these will become rarer by the year.

Regardless of their price point, the “best” beach scents on the market cannot hold a candle to this masterpiece, which can be purchased for less than a hundred bucks

Ultimately, I still would rather wear Creed’s Virgin Island Water than Ibiza, but that one is nowhere near as original as this one.


Compared to similar perfumes, Paula’s Ibiza offers excellent performance and the same beachy vibe.

It has a moderate to long-lasting projection. The scent evolves, revealing different layers of its composition, and stays a stronger skin scent for the rest of its life. 

Even if you decide to wear it in moderate weather, it will easily last 10 – 12 hours.

This is impressive for an Eau de Toilette, making it ideal for lazy beach days, sultry nights, and sun-soaked adventures.

I recommend using less than four sprays since you will only amplify the galbanum presence, not the sillage. 

LONGEVITY: 10 – 12 hours
SILLAGE: Moderate


It is sold as a unisex fragrance, which I agree with for the first hour of its life. After that, it is a pure masculine fragrance with old-school vibes. 

A more grown audience will enjoy this composition to the fullest, especially those tired of typical sunscreen-type perfumes that never try to offer something different.

Since this is not your typical tropical fragrance and caters more to people who enjoy the creative side of perfumery, don’t expect any compliments. 

I haven’t received any negative feedback while wearing it, but I have yet to receive a compliment without asking someone what they think about my fragrance.



First and foremost, Paula’s Ibiza shines during the warmer months, which makes it not a very versatile fragrance.

I have also tried to wear it during the colder months, but that green side makes it too harsh and out of season.

To me, beach, sunset strolls, beach festivals, and summer vacations are where this fragrance feels at home and will produce the best memories for you.

Other than that, casual outings might work as well.

OCCASIONS: Summer Vacation and Leisure
ATTIRE: Beach Chic, Linen Attire, Chinos, Tailored Shorts, Casual Shirts


And now, the good stuff. Loewe’s masterpiece draws inspiration from the legendary Spanish party island, a hub of music, culture, and fashion during the ’70s and ’80s, so it’s no wonder it smells like it does.

The top notes offer a burst of citrus, the heart reveals a delicate floral wateriness with a bitter touch, and the base grounds the fragrance with earthy and salty notes.

Combined with a top-notch presentation, you have the best fragrance in its genre. Simply fantastic.

That’s why Ibiza offers tremendous value for money for those who enjoy the finer things in life and are fearless about wearing something different. 

One of the rare instances I gave three perfect scores. It is wholeheartedly deserved.



Each composition brings charm, complexities, and shortcomings to the diverse perfume landscape.

Exploring the pros and cons provides a comprehensive view, aiding fragrance enthusiasts in their quest for the perfect olfactory experience.

Understanding these nuances allows you to make a more well-informed choice, ensuring a tailored match for individual tastes.


  • Unique and high-quality blend
  • Unbeatable price
  • The best in its genre
  • Great performance
  • Transportive experience


  • Limited availability
  • Not versatile
  • Not for beginners


Paula’s Ibiza is a part of the luxury fragrance line from Loewe, which currently consists of three different releases, with Ibiza being the first one.

All three releases are in the products, but the availability might be scarce, depending on which part of the world you live in. 


  • Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Eclectic – a floral fragrance released in 2022. The main notes include Ylang-Ylang, jasmine sambac, and coconut. The lasting power is between 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection.
  • Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic – a fresh fruity fragrance released in 2024. The main notes include pear, mango, and ambergris. The lasting power is between 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection.


  • Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette – a fruity green fragrance released in 1996. The main notes include fig, fig leaf, and fig tree. The lasting power is between 4 – 6 hours with moderate projection.
  • Loewe Aire Anthesis – a green floral fragrance released in 2023. The main notes include labdanum, pear, and lily of the valley. The lasting power is between 4 – 6 hours with moderate projection.


  • Creed Virgin Island Water – a fruity musk fragrance released in 2007. The main notes include coconut, lime, and white rum. The lasting power is between 4 – 6 hours with moderate projection.


Welcome to the FAQ corner on Scent Grail, curated to unravel the most common queries surrounding the best niche perfumes for winter.

Whether you’re a fragrance enthusiast seeking to explore the world of niche perfumes or simply looking for additional information to complement your style, this FAQ section will provide valuable insights.

What does Loewe Paula’s Ibiza perfume smell like?

Imagine a sun-drenched Ibizan paradise captured in a bottle. Loewe Paula’s Ibiza blends citrusy freshness with delicate florals, earthy notes, and a musky sensuality for a unique and captivating summer fragrance.

Who makes Loewe perfumes?

Loewe is a Spanish luxury fashion house that manufactures its perfumes. However, since 1996, it has been part of the LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) group, a French multinational conglomerate renowned for its luxury brands. As a result, while Loewe is responsible for creating the perfumes, LVMH provides the resources and infrastructure behind the scenes.

Is Loewe high-end luxury?

Loewe has established its position as one of the world’s leading high-end brands due to its emphasis on producing handcrafted luxury goods. The company has a long history dating back to 1846.


Loewe Paula's Ibiza - bottle and box

I’m pretty shocked about how well this blind purchase went. Do I still think about whether I personally love it or not? Absolutely.

However, I cannot ignore the passion behind this creation and the hope that there is still a creative side in the fragrance world.

I carefully decided which category to place it in, and it would be a shame to place it anywhere besides the Holy Grail category.

That’s why you have my recommendation for something that is still not talked about as much as it should be.

If you can sample it or buy a decant before a full bottle, please do. You won’t regret it.

What do you think about this article covering Loewe Paula’s Ibiza? Let’s start a conversation, and let me know in the comment section below.

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