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With each hobby, we have to start somewhere and with time progress to not necessarily better, but more expansive things. The same goes for perfumes. Best niche fragrances every beginner should sample article is a perfect example of how we progress through our fragrance journey.

As a fragrance lover for more than I decade now, I have realized a couple of things:

  1. A lot of niche fragrances are not better or are on the same level as the designer’s releases
  2. It takes a lot of trial and error to find a designer release that’s on par with the best niche perfumes
  3. Often we mistakingly get blinded by the fact that more expensive doesn’t mean better

With the statements above in focus, I have to say that even after this much time, I still enjoy my designer releases as much as I do with artistic niche perfumes.

Yet, on those occasions when I get bored of the same old formulas that get recycled over and over again, I do realize that as a natural way of my hobby progression, often, the niche is a way to go.

If you still haven’t had the pleasure to read my article about the best designer fragrances every beginner should check out, I do recommend taking a look as well.

If you did, jump straight into my Top 10 list for 2022 down below, and when you finish, you can also read once again my educational part of the article, which I also included here as well.

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Best Niche Fragrances: The List

What kind of scents will you find on this list? While there will be some niche fragrances that are the obvious choices, I have decided to include some which are yet to be discovered by a major population, and on the same high artistic level as the more popular choices.

What makes me proud about this article is the fact is 100% unaffected by anyone else’s opinion and has been compiled based on my own research and experience during the 15+ years I have been a fragrance enthusiast.

One disclaimer: this list includes two fragrances from one designer’s upper niche line which most people would agree that they belong to the niche bracket creatively and price-wise.

1. Creed Aventus

A note from the brand: The exceptional Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor, celebrating strength, power, and success. Introduced in 2010, this scent has grown to become the best-selling fragrance in the history of the brand. Olivier Creed created its iconic name derived from a (“from”) ventus (“the wind”), illustrating the Aventus man as destined to live a driven life, ever galloping with the wind at his back toward success. Aventus is a sophisticated blend for individuals who savor a life well-lived.

Why is Aventus one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: The first and the most obvious choice on the list is the most popular and the most cloned niche fragrance of all time.

If this name is still unfamiliar to you, trust me, you have smelled it before somewhere, but not in the original version. Being the Zara, Armaf, Montblanc, or 100 other niche “inspired-by” perfumes, you know the citrus-musky scent DNA of Aventus.

No matter how “close” they come to the fragrance “king”, I highly recommend you check out the original and see where all the niche perfumery mania came from. A masterpiece fragrance, but way too common these days for my taste.

  • Perfumer: Jean-Christophe Herault and Erwin Creed
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Musk
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Most dominant notes: Pineapple, Birch Tar, Musk
  • Target Audience: Men
  • Age Group: 18+
  • Seasons: Any season
  • Occasions: Any occassion
  • Longevity and Sillage: 8+ hours with moderate projection
  • Compliments: High
  • Likeability: High
  • Uniqueness: 2/5
  • Value for money: 7/10
  • Accords: Citrus, Musky, Woody

2. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

A note from the brand: Tom Ford reinvents classic tobacco with creamy tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet wood sap – for a modern, opulent and heady impression of confidence and power.

“Tobacco Vanille is opulent, warm, and iconic. Reminiscent of an English gentleman’s club and blended with rich spices, vanilla, and tobacco flower, it leaves a powerful impression.” –Tom Ford

Why is Tobacco Vanille one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: Tom Ford’s niche Prive Blend line has released some of the best fragrances of all time, and for me, they are everything 99% of fragrance brands would want to be and the ultimate perfume house of all time.

For a designer and their niche line, Tobacco Vanille comes with a big price tag. Still, compared to the other even more expensive niche houses, Tobacco Vanille is in most cases a better perfume than almost everything in that price bracket.

Bourbon vanilla, pipe tobacco, and dried fruits are the name of the game here that when combined together smell like Christmas cookies and Christmas Fairs.

If you have a sweet tooth, there probably ain’t no better fragrance in the world for you. As for me, Musc Ravageur, this is my favorite fragrance of all time.

  • Perfumer: Olivier Gillotin
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Spicy Oriental
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Most dominant notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, and Spices
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 20+
  • Seasons: Fall and Winter
  • Occasions: Romantic, Clubbing, Night Outs
  • Longevity and Sillage: 10 – 12 hours with great projection
  • Compliments: High
  • Likeability: High
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Oriental, Sweet, Woody

3. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

A note from the brand: Tuscan Leather merges primal leather with night-blooming jasmine and black suede for a distinctive spin: a perfume that is raw yet refined, sensual yet sophisticated. Tuscan Leather is a primal creation inspired by Tom Ford’s love of fine leather.

Why is Tuscan Leather one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: Love it or hate it, I know we could agree on what kind of giant leap forward was done in the perfume world regarding leather perfumes after Tuscan Leather was released.

I remember as it was today when I first smelled Tuscan Leather and was mindblown with the fact that what I hold in my hand was something completely new and how every single leather-based fragrance will be compared to Tuscan Leather after this.

Not the first suede leather fragrance up until 2007, but the first one to make it first smooth and combine it with spices, fruits, and light touches of ambery facets. A giant within the fragrance world and the fact it is a wearable leather fragrance shows how much dedication has been put in while creating Tuscan Leather. If you want to experience a similar fantastic fragrance but for less, check out Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather.

  • Perfumer: Harry Frémont and Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Leather
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Most dominant notes: Raspberry, Suede Leather, and Saffron
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 20+
  • Seasons: Fall and Winter
  • Occasions: Business, Clubbing, Night Outs
  • Longevity and Sillage: 10 – 12 hours with great projection
  • Compliments: Medium
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 4/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Fruity, Leather, Spicy

4. Acqua di Parma Colonia Club

A note from the brand: With the eau de cologne for men Colonia Club, Acqua di Parma has created a fresh and stylish embodiment of contemporary Italian living. Discover this refined and elegant olfactory interpretation of classic Italian cologne.

Enjoy the delicate fragrance of the eau de cologne Colonia Club that Acqua di Parma created for men. Elegantly dynamic and fresh, the Colonia Club scent is characterized by original top notes of neroli, mint, and galbanol. The energetic vitality of the mint and the freshness of the galbanol give a new spicy perspective to the traditional Colonia.For the gentleman who experiences life with passion!

Why is Colonia Club one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: While I could have placed here Colonia Essenza instead of Colonia Club, if you really wanted to get an idea of what Essenza smelled like, you could get a similar experience at a cheaper 4711 Cologne which you cant get here.

As of 2022, it seems that the rumors of Colonia Club being discontinued are potentially getting true, and it would be a shame if you didn’t get a chance to check out Colonia Club while the prices are still reasonable.

The most natural mint note combined with aromatic lavender, and a touch of neroli and ambergris will take you on a fragrant journey. I have used Colonia Club as an office scent, on dates, and as a casual summer vacation fragrance. It works anywhere, and any time so why don’t you give it a try and check out how master perfumers work with mint in fragrances.

Read the full review here.

  • Perfumer: n/a
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Cologne
  • Fragrance Type: Green Aquatic
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Most dominant notes: Mint, Ambergris, Lavender
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall
  • Occasions: Business, Leisure, Sports, Night Outs
  • Longevity and Sillage: 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection
  • Compliments: Medium
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Green, Aromatic, Marine

5. Serge Lutens Chergui

A note from the brand: A fire fanned by the wind, a desert in flames. As if bursting from the earth, Chergui, a desert wind, creates an effect that involves suction more than blowing, carrying plants, insects and twigs along in an inescapable ascent.

Its full, persistent gusts crystallize shrubs, bushes and berries, which proceed to scorch, shrivel up and pay a final ransom in saps, resins and juices. Night falls on a still-smoldering memory, making way for the fragrant, ambery and candied aromas by the alchemist that is Chergui.

Why is Chergui one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: Chergui is one of the first fragrances I fell in love back in the early days of my niche fragrance days.

To this day, I’m actually surprised at how affordable something like this can be. Don’t get me wrong. Chergui is not your cheap fragrance, but it still stands at the top of the designer price bracket these days.

What I get is the delicious composition of thick tobaccoish honey, with supreme amber and grassy hay accord. One of the fragrances I rather have you experience through your own nose rather than with words. Many compare amber accord here with the one in Grand Soir, just to get an idea of quality.

Keep in mind that it will probably take you time to understand all the layers Cherugi has to offer you before you actually start to appreciate its complexity.

  • Perfumer: Christopher Sheldrake
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Woody Oriental
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Most dominant notes: Tobacco, Hay, and Amber
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Fall and Winter
  • Occasions: Business and Night Outs
  • Longevity and Sillage: 8 – 10 hours with moderate projection
  • Compliments: Low – Medium
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Oriental, Tobacco, Sweet

6. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

A note from the brand: Evoking a fragment of amber resin picked up by Serge Lutens during a wander through the souks of Marrakech, which lay forgotten for years inside a thuja wood box, this perfume marks a return to a focus on the identity and authenticity of unique ingredients.
1968: the year Serge Lutens discovers Morocco. A milestone date, and for him, a time of incredible revelation.

During one of his wanderings in the Marrakech souks, caught up in the crowd and the scents of the old city, Serge by chance falls upon a piece of amber wax which he purchases on impulse.

In 1993 the wax is retrieved, having been neglected for many years in a thuja wood box, to have its memory revived. “Ambre sultan” was unveiled to the Western world as a new olfactive style: a restoration of the authenticity of perfume through its raw materials.

Three decades later, “Ambre sultan” has lost none of its elegance, splendour and power and it remains a truly beautiful tribute to Arab history and culture.

Why is Ambre Sultan one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: To my nose, Ambre Sultan is the amber fragrance to rule them all, and I have tried them all. At least the popular fragrances that always pop out as the “best” ones.

Now, looking back, once you see how actually good this is, it makes almost no sense to check out anything else from the amber genre. That’s how good Ambre Sultan is.

As with Chergui, it will take some time to understand its full potential, and not everyone will be pleased with the Mediterranean spices in the top notes, and is probably the most challenging fragrance from the bunch.

Nevertheless, however, if you are looking for a perfect amber-based fragrance to warm you during the good fall and winter days, go with the best – Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan.

  • Perfumer: Christopher Sheldrake
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Oriental Aromatic
  • Release Date: 1993
  • Most dominant notes: Incense, Amber and Bay Leaf
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 30+
  • Seasons: Fall and Winter
  • Occasions: Leisure and Night Outs
  • Longevity and Sillage: 8 – 10 hours with moderate projection
  • Compliments: Low
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Oriental, Aromatic, Balsamic

7. Frédéric Malle Musc Ravageur 

A note from the brand: Savage sex appeal. Musc Ravageur enhances the magnetic aspect of musk with amber, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, at the total exclusion of floral notes.

Having caused a scandal when the perfume first appeared in 2000, Musc Ravageur is now celebrated in all its sensuousness as the Sistine Chapel of the Soft Amber tradition. An unapologetically sexy perfume.

Why is Musk Ravageur one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: If I had to choose only one cold-weather fragrance to wear for the rest of my life, without any doubt, it would be my favorite fragrance of all time – Musc Ravageur.

As a fragrance that due to the ingredient restrictions and a couple of reformulations since 2000, nowadays it is more wearable and more gourmand than animalic fragrance which doesn’t bother me at all.

The original composition and what it has been always trying to portray has been kept, and that is pure sexiness in the bottle.

Cloves, ambery touch of vanilla, and slightly dirty musk is what dominated the fragrance with lavender, citruses, and cinnamon being the background players.

Some things should be experienced rather than said, and in order to find what X-Factor Musc Ravageur has, I recommend you check it out for yourself and see how your skin chemistry works with this musky goodness.

Read the full review here.

  • Perfumer: Maurice Roucel
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Spicy Oriental
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Most dominant notes: Cloves, Musk, and Vanilla
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Fall and Winter
  • Occasions: Night Outs and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 8 – 10 hours of longevity with moderate projection
  • Compliments: Medium
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Spicy, Musky, Oriental

8. Amouage Reflection Man

A note from the brand: Reflection for Man embodies the spirit of refinement and is compelling, distinctive and unmistakably masculine with a timeless appeal.

Why is Reflection Man one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: Amouage is a niche house from Oman popular for their high-quality heavy oriental perfumes with Jubilation 25 and Interlude Man being the scents that made them famous in the western world.

By trying all the popular offerings from the house, I can safely say that Reflection Man is still my favorite Amouage fragrance. Not for its complexity, but how well everything has been placed together like it was exclusively created for my taste.

To my nose, white floral notes and sandalwood dominate the composition, and the quality is at the highest level. A warm and sophisticated classy fragrance that leans more on the masculine side.

For all those who know what Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male smells like, Reflection Man is a logical step up.

  • Perfumer: Lucas Sieuzac
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Floral Woody
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Most dominant notes: Neroli, Jasmine, and Sandalwood
  • Target Audience: Men
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring and Fall
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 10 – 12 hours with good projection
  • Compliments: Medium
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 4/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: White Floral, Woody, Fresh

9. Jovoy Incident Diplomatique

A note from the brand: We brush by it, we risk it, without ever thinking about the consequences… Incident Diplomatique clearly possesses its share of superb provocation – bold, owned, and entirely inevitable when desire exudes from our every pore. As unexpected as it is audacious, the fragrance refuses convention and knowingly parades itself. Just as we might give into a staggering impulse too strong to resist, it declares its urges, teasing tension to the breaking point…

Why is Incident Diplomatique one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: the are two kinds of patchouli perfumes on the market. There is Incident Diplomatique, and then it’s everything else.

The fragrance combines earthy vetiver notes with three-dimensional chocolate patchouli that will make you smell the place where you sprayed it over and over again throughout the day.

Ideal for office and colder months walks, Incident is one of the few patchouli perfumes I like to wear, and that comes from someone who is tired of vetiver and patchouli by now.

Speaking of being tired of vetiver, you can also buy the oriental version of Incident Diplomatique without the vetiver note named Psychedelique.

  • Perfumer: Vanina Muracciole
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Woody Spicy
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Most dominant notes: Patchouli and Vetiver
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 30+
  • Seasons: Fall and Winter
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 10 – 12 with great projection
  • Compliments: Medium
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Woody, Earthy, Spicy

10. Orto Parisi Bergamask

A note from the brand: An ever-evolving perfume extract, Bergamask hangs on the skin and keeps changing over time. A dance of seduction between the killer and his victim, Bergamask runs through you like a nagging wound.

Bergamot is a very fresh citrus fruit. Mask to capture the musky odor expelled by a fresh kill. – Alessandro Gualtieri

Why is Bergamask one of the best niche fragrances every beginner should sample: Making it premiere on Scent Grail, this Orto Parisi is not for those with the faint of heart, but a daring complex citrus fragrance to show you what can a skilled perfumer do with artistic freedom.

Don’t let the bright citrusy opening fool you. Bergamask is everything, but the light citrus fragrance you find in many designer and niche perfumes.

As bergamot note in the opening that quickly gives way to animalic, and musky accords, the wearer gets to experience both the bright and dark sides of perfumery.

Depending on the weather, and your skin chemistry, one day you may experience a very fresh and blooming zesty fragrance, while other days, a strong musk note might get more “sweaty” than some may be able to tolerate. One of a kind.

  • Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Extrait
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Woody
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Most dominant notes: Bergamot, Musk, and Sandalwood
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 12+ hours with great projection
  • Compliments: Medium
  • Likeability: Medium
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Accords: Citrus, Woody, Musky

Perfume Basics

Niche Fragrances - l'artisan parfumeur

Starting a particular hobby doesn’t always have to be hard. This is why I have provided you with general guidelines about how, and where fragrance-wise.

As a beginner, it is highly recommended to digest the following chapters so that you can get the best out of your fragrance experience, and spend your hard-earned money where it should be while minimizing the risk of not liking a certain perfume.

You would be surprised how many people jump quickly to the niche game before ever being given the chance to check out all the glorious designer perfumes that shaped the world of perfumery.

The following chapters have been transferred from my designer edition of fragrance choices for beginners for easier navigation.

Designer Vs Niche Fragrances

Big-name fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel are considered designers in the fragrance world. These mainstream brands are often shopped in the major boutiques and stores.

These fashion houses(car brands, cosmetics, etc.) make other products alongside fragrances such as:

  1. watches
  2. cosmetics
  3. clothes
  4. shoes
  5. Accessories

These products are produced on a much bigger scale and are more well-known to the general population. Even though designers lack so to speak, the “luxury“, they excel on availability, price, and popularity which shouldn’t be ignored.

Mainstream fragrances are produced in the biggest fragrance factories which guarantee control quality which sometimes, may be absent in a niche world.

In the fragrance community, designers are often named “gateway drug” which hooks you into this hobby.

On the other hand, companies that sell fragrances exclusively are niche brands. These companies sell their products to a specialized sub-market that satisfies specific needs, often with bigger price tags.

Unlike the designers, which attract a much bigger population, a niche audience is smaller and more demanding.

Brands such as Amouage and Frederic Malle are great examples of what a niche fragrance company is. They are commonly not present in most retail stores, their price is often higher and offers exclusivity.

In plain English, niche perfumery is an alternative to mainstream designer perfumery, just like Punk music is an alternative to Rock.

One of the things which are still present in a niche world is artistic expression and creativity. Which means they are in danger of being not accepted by their target population.

But sometimes, these fragrances change the perfume world and come with huge financial payback. We have seen this numerous times which fragrances such as Baccarat Rouge 540.

Before we continue to the next chapter, let’s talk briefly about the fragrance reformulations. As soon as you join any fragrance community you’ll hear about the perfume reformulations and how they “destroy” once great compositions.

In the end, no matter what kind of fragrances you like, being the designer or niche, reformulations happen all time.

Some are publicly known, such as with Dior and the update they make on all of their products every couple of years, and others keep it a secret, and will unlikely admit their products have been updated.

Why do fragrances get reformulated? Don’t fall into the trap that all reformulations are bad and that the sole reason for this is because the fragrance companies are greedy and all they want is your money.

Fragrance reformulations usually happen because of certain natural ingredients get rare, or more expensive, and have to be replaced by chemical equivalent.

Other times fragrances get reformulated is because of rules and regulations set by the IFRA. A fragrance association that is responsible for keeping our fragrances allergen-free, and keeping the fragrances still on our shelves for us to enjoy.

Yes, sometimes, it is because of a fragrance company being sold out to a big conglomerate such as Acqua di Parma to LVMH, and getting all of their perfumes reformulated by the standards of the new owner.

Read more about designer vs. niche fragrances here.

Fragrance Shopping Tips

Here’s the best perfume buying advice you’ll ever get from me: “Always trust your nose, do your research, and don’t blind buy!”

If you just follow that advice, trust me, you are already more than halfway there. The guides you’ll find on Scent Grail tend to have a more personal touch and stray away from cutting the corners.

The scents we discover and buy, if approached correctly, don’t require hundreds of hours of research, and turn into a fun game that perfumes are.

As someone who is experienced in this hobby, I would recommend to all those who are just starting out to learn the basics of how fragrance families work, and how they make your life much easier when deciding which perfume should you buy for a particular season and occasion.

Notes and accords are separated into three different classes known as perfume pyramid:

  • Top Notes
  • Middle Notes
  • Base Notes

Each of the separate note stages is carefully created by perfumes to evaporate accordingly.

There are four fragrance families, each divided into their respective subgroups that help you identify fragrance families easily.

  1. Floral Family – floral perfumes smell like a bouquet of flowers that feature many facets of blooming aromas. Floral scents can be either made from single flower notes(soliflore) or many flowers(bouquets).
  2. Oriental Family – one of the most popular fragrance family which is known to have a warm and spicy scent profile. Oriental perfumes are long-lasting perfumes ideally used in romantic and clubbing scenarios during the Fall and Winter when they mix with skin and cold air perfectly.
  3. Woody Family – as the name suggests, woody fragrances composed of warm, and rich compositions dominated by woody and foresty notes. They can smell like a forest, sawdust, earth, and dry.
  4. Fresh Family – adored by many, and accepted by everyone. Freshies and aquatics are easy to wear, often fresh and airy uncomplicated scents, often smelling like the sea with beachy vibes.

Thankfully, we are living in a digital age where almost everything and anything is just a few clicks away. Besides Scent Grail, there are many fantastic websites about perfume to do proper research before ever stepping into a perfume shop.

These ones I recommend:

  1. Fragrantica – best for checking out new perfume releases.
  2. Basenotes – knowledgeable perfume community
  3. Parfumo – the best mix of both

Those who like are more into watching videos, there is a huge fragrance community on YouTube that provides great information about perfume reviews, tips & tricks, and interviews with perfumers.

Read more about which Fragrance Reviewers that I still watch.

The third great option about doing perfume research is by joining some of the many fragrance groups found on Facebook such as:

  1. The Fragrance Guru Nation
  2. Fragcomm Bangladesh
  3. Gents Scents Fragrance Family

Perfumes are not cheap. Especially, if you are buying more than one perfume per month. Personally, I shop retail only in cases when I cannot get a hold of perfume online, or the price is similar to those found via fragrance discounters.

Sampling a perfume at least five times before a purchase is a golden rule, and that’s where retailers are your best friends.

I have created a whole article based on the best fragrance discounters so that you can get safe and affordable perfume deals.

While it may get tempting to test everything in the sight, now that you came to the perfume shop(hopefully unscented), pick three, spray one on the neck and the wrists, and let it rest for about 15 seconds before smelling them.

Olfactory fatigue is a real thing, especially if you are sampling stronger stuff like 1 Million, or Mugler Angel.

Spraying the perfume on the skin is a must, even though I suspect you already know that by testing the perfume via paper blotter, it’s not the same deal since the fragrance doesn’t get to develop as it would be on your skin.

I understand if some of you may be a little shy to talk to sales associates or know more from them which is much more common than you may think, but it’s nice to talk about perfume with someone knowledgeable, and hey, you may even learn something new.

Since you are going to do this the right way, there’s no need to “reset” your olfactive palette and smell the coffee beans.

Before your rush and purchase the fragrance straight away, step outside the shop.

Read more about fragrance shopping tips here.

How To Wear Perfume

At the first glance, perfume may seem like scented alcohol-water you spray onto yourself and that’s it. Still, it takes a little finesse to learn how to wear perfume correctly.

If you have ever wondered why your perfume may only last about an hour or two, the reason may be that you are not wearing your perfume the best way.

This may seem like an obvious choice, but not wearing something you really like, will make everything else in vain.

That’s why it’s important to test potential perfume many times before purchasing. Always spray the perfume on the skin when testing.

One of the most important things to do when you find your favorite perfume is to choose the right perfume concentrations and learn more about fragrance strengths.

These two terms refer to raw material oil concentration. By knowing that, these concentrations vary from perfume to perfume and affect sillage and projection, along with some other subtle things.

All fragrant products fall into some of these main categories:

  • Eau Fraiche 1-3%
  • After Shave/Mist/Splash 1-3%
  • Eau de Cologne 2-4%
  • Eau de Toilette 5-15%
  • Eau de Parfum 15-20%
  • Pure Parfum/Extrait de Parfum 20-40%

Thus, you’ll be pleased to know that most of your perfumes come either in Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum concentrations.

The ideal way of wearing the perfume is by applying it directly to the skin. Perfume products are made to best interact with our skin and our body heat.

That’s why I don’t recommend testing fragrances on test strips that don’t show the real picture. The warmest parts of your body will produce the best results and here are six recommended places to spray your perfume:

  1. Spray on top of your ears
  2. Spray behind the ears
  3. Spray on the neck and around the neck area
  4. Spray down your back
  5. Spray down your chest
  6. Spray inside your elbows

You have found your favorite perfume, and you are enjoying it to the fullest. Spraying liberally surrounds you with the most beautiful scented cloud. You are happy.

But one day, you notice that the scent bubble has shrunk so much that you barely smell your perfume and now you wonder has your perfume has gone bad or what could be the issue.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry you are alone. Many people overspray their perfume, and block their scent receptors. The solution is to not spray more than 2 to 4 sprays maximum.

Read more about how to wear perfume here.


Niche Fragrances - fragrance and watch

Like many fragrance lists or YouTube videos, there could have been many other 10 fragrances here on my best niche fragrances every beginner should check out, but in the end, this is what I think you should sample when you decide to delve into the niche territory of perfumery.

Have you tried any of the niche fragrances mentioned on the list? Let me know in the comment section at the end of the article.

In case you are in doubt whether you should consider buying a particular fragrance, it’s always good to take a look at Scent Grail’s S.P.A. Signature Factor Guide.

It is easy to use and the most relevant perfume buying guide on the web. This way, you can check out if a particular fragrance is worth checking out, and potentially find your signature perfume.

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