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As someone who has loved fragrances for more than half my life, I have often been tempted to blind buy perfumes without trying them first.

The thrill of discovering a new fragrance, the excitement of waiting for the package to arrive, and the joy of spraying it for the first time are all part of the fun of collecting fragrances.

However, blind buying scents comes with a couple of risks. It’s a big gamble, a leap of faith into the unknown.

But with careful research, a few strategic steps, and tips from my personal experience, you can minimize the risk and potentially find your next favorite fragrance.

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As a highly controversial yet prevalent topic in the fragrance community, I’ve chosen to craft this article on the art of blind buying fragrances.

My goal is to equip you with essential information so that you can make an informed decision on whether this practice is worth considering at all.

Before We Start…

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Let’s face it. I blind buy fragrances, and if you have been into this hobby for more than a year, you probably do it yourself as well.

There are many other articles and YouTube videos regarding this topic, which you can freely explore, but I wanted to offer a different perspective.

What you won’t find mentioned anywhere else is that when you decide to shop like this, the success ratio is 50% at best, and that’s why I never recommend doing this.

In the past, I have already created an article regarding perfume shopping tips, which I wholeheartedly stand by and recommend as a tool you can use when shopping for scents.

As a highly addictive and expensive hobby, you would be surprised at how much money you can “burn” on perfumes and end up with a negative outcome.

So, I’ll make it simple here, without writing long “poems,” and give just the most essential factors you should go by.

Even when purchasing from more budget-friendly brands like Hugo Boss or Versace through fragrance discount websites, investing in a fragrance that ultimately disappoints represents a complete loss of your hard-earned money.

Blind buying is the act of purchasing a perfume without smelling it beforehand. Fragrance enthusiasts decide to buy a fragrance based solely on reviews, descriptions, brand reputation, or recommendations without physically smelling the fragrance.

People engage in blind buying perfumes for several reasons, driven by factors ranging from convenience to the rush of exploration, such as limited access to physical stores, the influence of marketing and hype, fragrance addiction, discounted prices at online perfume discount websites, it supposedly smells similar to the fragrance you like, listed notes that you already like, the perfume no longer in the production, and many more.

Absolutely not. Despite the pros and cons I will mention in the following section of the article, I wouldn’t recommend you start shopping this way. Shop perfumes without smelling them at your own risk.

Based on my personal experience with this costly endeavor, I have weighed the pros and cons of doing it correctly.

Navigating The Risks: Scent Grail’s Guide To Blind Buy Perfumes

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The most obvious gamble of blind buying is the potential for dissatisfaction. Not every fragrance will suit your taste, and there’s always the chance that what smells heavenly to others might not work for you.

This could lead to guilt, especially if you’ve spent significant money on a bottle.

It’s also a practice that had become increasingly common, especially during the pandemic lockdowns a couple of years ago when access to retail stores and testers was limited.

Let’s start with the more positive aspects.

Benefit No. 1: The Money Is Not An Issue

This allows you to discover unique fragrances you might not have considered otherwise. It can broaden your olfactory horizons and introduce you to a variety of scents.

This can also refer to when visiting a retail store is impossible or when you cannot sample a perfume.

Also, for passionate fragrance collectors, blind buying allows them to rapidly expand their collection with a wide variety of perfumes from different designer and niche houses, and fragrance families.

Please keep in mind that “the money is not an issue”; I’m referring to the opportunity to spend your money without compromising your financial situation, which could potentially lead to harming the relationships with your loved ones based on your risky shopping.

Last but not least, when buying like this, you are not influenced by the opinions of the sales associates, and your choice is based solely on your research.

Benefit No. 2: Research: Your Best Friend

Reviews offer valuable insights into a perfume’s scent and performance.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to approach them with skepticism since the perception of fragrance is highly subjective and can vary based on individual body chemistry.

It’s advisable to seek reviews from individuals who share similar fragrance tastes.
Every perfume brand possesses its distinctive style, often called its “olfactory signature.”

Some brands may be renowned for their woody compositions, while others are distinguished for their oriental aromas.

Familiarizing yourself with a brand’s signature lets you gauge whether their fragrances align with your preferences.

Your personal history of purchases and preferences serves as a valuable research tool. Reflecting on what aspects you enjoyed or disliked about past fragrances can effectively inform your future buying decisions.

In blind buying, research aims to arm you with complete information, empowering you to make an educated decision and reduce the risk of probable disappointment.

The aim is to enhance the likelihood of discovering a fragrance that resonates with you, even without a prior olfactory experience.

Benefit No. 3: Scent Grail’s Exclusive: Swap What You Already Own

Exchanging perfumes with other perfume aficionados is an inventive and budget-friendly way to explore new fragrances.

This method entails swapping a perfume from your existing collection for one you have yet to experience.

If you possess underused perfumes in your collection or fail to bring you joy, engaging in swaps ensures you avoid spending money on new bottles.

Essentially, you can acquire a new perfume at no additional cost, thus reducing the financial risks often associated with blind buying.

Through this process, you have the opportunity to develop a diverse and captivating fragrance collection.

This affordable avenue allows you to often acquire limited edition, discontinued, or elusive scents that may not be readily accessible in local stores or online.

Perfume swapping is frequently facilitated in online fragrance communities, forums, or social media groups.

This platform is an excellent way to connect with fellow fragrance enthusiasts, exchange experiences, and receive valuable recommendations.

And that covers all the scenarios where blindly buying perfumes is justified; these are last-resort situations where I would consider investing money in a fragrance without having sampled it beforehand.

Don’t be deceived by online marketers posing as “genuine” fragrance enthusiasts, pressuring you into purchasing new fragrances that may collect dust on your fragrance shelf.

Disadvantage No. 1: Simply Not Worth It

In the long run, this kind of practice is not worth it even if you have all the money in the world, and it won’t affect your relationships with others.

I say this because as soon as your collection hits more than 20 perfumes, some bottles will inevitably sit on your fragrance shelf for months, never to be used.

Not only does this take up physical space, but it can also seem like a financial loss. Every undesirable bottle serves as a reminder of a gamble that didn’t yield positive results.

Over time, this can cultivate a feeling of discontent and remorse, overshadowing the occasional triumphs of successful purchases.

It’s often more gratifying and enduring to dedicate time to research and sampling before purchasing.

This ensures that each new addition to your collection is a fragrance you genuinely adore and will enjoy wearing.

Disadvantage No. 2: Blind Buying Perfumes Can Cause Real-Life Problems

Specific points need emphasizing, and that’s for the greater good. If your perfume-buying habits are causing financial strain, it may result in stress and tension in your relationships, particularly if you share financial responsibilities with a partner or family.

Your friends and family might not grasp the allure of purchasing perfumes. This divergence in perspectives can lead to misunderstandings or disputes.

Furthermore, allocating excessive time or money to acquiring fragrances could result in neglecting other responsibilities, potentially straining relationships.

Lastly, engaging in open and honest conversations with your loved ones about your hobby is crucial to ensure it doesn’t adversely affect your relationships.

Remember, perfume should bring joy, not stress or conflict.

Disadvantage No. 3: Fragrance Addiction

And lastly, there is a big taboo theme in the fragrance community about which we don’t speak enough.

Fragrance addiction, also known as perfume addiction, is a term used to describe an intense and all-consuming fixation on acquiring, collecting, and using perfumes.

This captivating phenomenon goes far beyond a mere interest in fragrances. It becomes a deep-seated behavior, compelling individuals to constantly seek out, purchase, and amass various scents.

Those with fragrance addiction are often enticed by the charm of perfumes, driven by an insatiable desire to indulge in the ever-expanding selection available in the market.

This addiction manifests itself in various forms, ranging from impulsive and frequent buying sprees to an intense preoccupation with the latest releases and a compulsion to possess multiple bottles at once.

Numerous elements can contribute to the alluring grip of fragrance obsession. The sheer delight of experiencing and valuing a range of scents, the exhilaration of uncovering novel fragrance notes, and the visual attractiveness of perfume bottles all fuel this addictive cycle.

Moreover, clever marketing tactics, the sway of social media, and the expanding community of perfume lovers further intensify the desire to pursue and continually add to one’s fragrance collection.

In the end, this is by far the most important factor to consider when you blind buy perfumes, and it should be taken seriously since it can quickly get out of control.

Final Words

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In the end, I hope that you have learned something new about scenarios in which your only option is to blind buy perfumes.

It is a practice that carries both risks and rewards. Even though I do this kind of shopping myself, the gamble and the risks that come with it are rarely worth it.

Remember, the goal is to expand your fragrance collection and discover scents in perfumery that resonate with your taste and bring you happiness.

What are your thoughts about this article that covers the topic of blind buying fragrances? Let’s start a conversation, and let me know in the comment section below.

If you are unsure whether you should buy a fragrance, it’s always good to look at Scent Grail’s S.P.A. Signature Factor Guide.

It is easy to use and the most relevant perfume-buying guide on the web. This way, you can determine whether a particular fragrance is worth checking out and potentially find your signature perfume.


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