5 fragrance recommendations for august 2021

Hello Scent Grail fragrance family. I’m back from my two-week summer holiday, and ready to create new content for you. 5 Fragrance Recommendations For August 2021 article is based on which fragrance I wore the most during the last couple of weeks.

The main reason I kept silent without any updates until last Saturday was because I left my laptop back at home for the pure reason of resetting myself both physically and mentally.

While I did not get tired of writing about fragrances, I was slightly jaded from my office job, and a two-week off was the right thing to do.

But, I did not avoid fragrance news and the Fragrance YouTube scene on my holiday, and almost bought Chanel Allure Homme Sport, based on Joy Amin’s video on the whole Allure line.

Better late than never, here’s what I got for you in the Fragrance Recommendations For August 2021 article.

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How I Picked 5 Fragrance Recommendations For August 2021

Let me just say that after four heatwaves we had in Croatia this summer, I’m already eagerly waiting for Fall and lower temperatures.

I cannot complain about my vacation, and it has been a blast this year, but I’m done with this heat, and thankfully, I had used every fresh fragrance I wanted during the last two or so months.

So, where have I been? The summer is not yet over, and if you are planning to visit Croatia, I highly recommend you check out Zadar county.

Beautiful beaches, warm sea, friendly people, centuries-old history, and even better food. You won’t regret it.

So, the fragrances, and one great aftershave I took with me have been tested in the dead heat of summer, and work equally well on vacation, and in daily life as well.

What you’ll find here are freshies, full-bodied, and easy-going scents. Let’s see what I got for you this time.

1. Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum

Why choose Sauvage Eau de Parfum: EDP version of the most popular men’s fragrances finally premiers on the Scent Grail. A fragrance that doesn’t needs a special introduction, yet I feel like it has to be mentioned that Sauvage in any form or concentration has defined our generation, and will be talked about fondly in the following decades.

The rounded-up version of Sauvage is my favorite version of the scent because you almost straight get the best parts of this scent without the screechy parts of the EDT, which I don’t mind but some people might.

My bottle is the original formulation, and I have to confirm that the bottles from 2020 and beyond have been slightly altered and reformulated, but still, it is one heck of a fragrance.

The fragrance opens up familiar with Dior’s trademark bergamot and spices that shift it leagues above any wannabe Sauvage clones. The oriental touches are present just enough to remove the harsher parts of EDT but not overbearing to make it less versatile. The ambroxan is of course present during the whole life of the fragrance, and the main reason for you to decide if will you buy Sauvage or not.

A fantastic creation from Demachy, ideal to add to your perfume collection, no matter if you are a fragrance enthusiast or not. Last but not least, what I like the most about the Eau de Parfum version is that the projection is still very good but, but the longevity has been much improved. Full review coming up very soon.

  • Perfumer: Francois Demachy
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Fresh Spicy
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Most dominant notes: Ambroxan, Bergamot, and Sichuan Pepper
  • Age Group: 20+
  • Seasons: Any season
  • Occasions: Any occasion
  • Longevity and Sillage: 8 – 10 hours with very good projection
  • Uniqueness: 3/5
  • Value for money: 10/10
  • Perfume Color Palette: Green, Yellow, Orange
  • Holy Grail Scent Rating: A

2. Mancera Lemon Line

Why choose Lemon Line: One of the most enduring and popular of Mancera’s perfumes, Lemon Line is still regularly talked about in the fragrance community, and the sale numbers reflect that.

Pierre Montale’s take on the classic citrus aromatic genre with a twist of making the lemon smell like lemon drops without going into lemon pledge territory has created something new, yet familiar in this genre.

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of the opening. It does smell kinda like lemon candies and in a synthetic way. But, you should wait it out for about 15 minutes until the aromatic and oriental notes start to kick in.

As time passes, the fragrance takes a big turn, and the blend takes the musky and creamy facets toning down the initial opening, and this is where the magic starts to happen.

The hints of lavender and oakmoss are here, and I’m glad that they are just the minor players here without smelling old. Montale has once again created an almost perfect scent with a genius idea of sneaking transparent amber accord into a traditionally gentlemanly formula.

The performance could have been better, yet I know that if you give it a chance, you’ll like it as much as I do. Also, I’m preparing a full review for Lemon Line very soon.

  • Perfumer: Pierre Montale
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Aromatic
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Most dominant notes: Lemon, Orange, Amber
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring and Summer
  • Occasions: Any occasion
  • Longevity and Sillage: 5 – 7 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 4/5
  • Value for money: 9/10
  • Perfume Color Palette: Yellow, Orange, White
  • Holy Grail Scent Rating: B+

3. Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

Why choose Un Jardin Sur Le Nil: I have waited for years until I got Sun Le Nil to finally check out why it is one of the most talked-about fragrances, and in the top three or so best-rated fragrances of all time on the Fragrantica.

The whole floral-green-citrus combination didn’t sound appealing to me at all, and from the notes, it seemed like a fragrance that would better suit a woman rather than a man. But, there was one comment from Fragrantica that mentioned one of my favorite fragrances of all time, L’Artisan’s Timbuktu, and how mango in Sur Le Nil smells the same same, and that was enough for me to blind buy it.

The first spray was somewhere along the line of “I made a huge mistake”, and why in the world would I want to smell like my grandma’s garden”. But, if there was something I knew about Jean-Claude Ellena, that was the fact that Ellena doesn’t create bad fragrances.

Yes, the initial spray is a full-on green garden of different vegetables, and all the natural scents you would get while passing through it, but often, Ellena’s creations give more than just a simple scent and it is true that what you get here is more of an olfactive experience and a journey than a fragrance you just spray on, and not think about it.

Sur Le Nil is like no other scent on the market, and I am still trying to get all the different faces it shows from the citrus, floral, and musky incense notes. What I will tell you is that as soon as you get the chance, go and test it out. It might be the best transparent summer fragrance you have ever tried. There is even a book written about it. Full review coming up soon.

  • Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Floral
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Most dominant notes: Green Mango, Tomato Leaf, and Musk
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring and Summer
  • Occasions: Any occasion
  • Longevity and Sillage: 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 9/10
  • Perfume Color Palette: Green, Orange, Pink
  • Holy Grail Scent Rating: A

4. Maurer & Wirtz Tabac Original

Why choose Tabac Original: Once again Tabac makes it into one of my fragrance recommendations list, but this time in its aftershave form. Tabac was my aftershave of choice during my summer vacation, for a couple of reasons.

The first one was, it was a great-smelling aromatic Fougere scent with above-average longevity. The second was, I wanted something affordable, but still stand out.

Does it smell like it was released back in the 1950s? Yes, it does. Does it make it smell cheap? No, it doesn’t. Aldehydes in combination with freshly cut tobacco, and gentle lavender never go out of style, and in this price range, you cannot get a better deal.

If you still want something like this, but more updated, while not being too much expensive, go for ProrasoWood & Spice.

I’ll probably do a proper review on Tabac as well in the next couple of months.

  • Perfumer: n/a
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Aftershave
  • Fragrance Type: Aromatic Fougere
  • Release Date: 1959
  • Most dominant notes: Aldehydes, Lavender, and Tobacco
  • Age Group: 30+
  • Seasons: Any season
  • Occasions: Any occasion
  • Longevity and Sillage: 4 – 6 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 4/5
  • Value for money: 9/10
  • Perfume Color Palette: Blue, Brown, Green
  • Holy Grail Scent Rating: B

5. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Masculin Pluriel

Why choose Masculin Pluriel: The only niche fragrance on this list is reserved for a work-friendly environment ideal for this weather.

A gentlemanly, rich, and clean fragrance that will give you a refreshing feeling of a clean shave throughout the day.

Masculin Pluriel is a familiar combination of effervescent lavender and vetiver done in a more upscale way, without going into funky niche territory.

The scent is smooth and buttery, and it does remind me of a luxury barbershop, and if you like that idea of smelling like shaving cream, this is your top pick.

Just keep in mind that you have probably smelled these types of lavender and vetiver notes in other designer perfumes before, but probably not perfectly blended like in Masculin Pluriel. I’m already repeating myself now, but you can expect a full review in a couple of weeks.

  • Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Fragrance Type: Woody Aromatic
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Most dominant notes: Lavender, Vetiver, and Woods
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring, and Fall
  • Occasions: Business
  • Longevity and Sillage: 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 3/5
  • Value for money: 9/10
  • Perfume Color Palette: Purple, Brown, Green
  • Holy Grail Scent Rating: B+


5 fragrance recommendations for august 2021 beach

Fall is just around the corner, and now is the time to use your lighter scents that otherwise would work to their full potential when the weather cools down.

All of the mentioned fragrances in 5 fragrance recommendations for August 2021 will be in my rotation for the imminent future, and I’m glad I could provide you with the experience I had with these great scents.

Have you tried any of the perfumes on this list? Let me know in the comment section below and let’s start a conversation.

In case you are in wonder whether you should consider buying any of the perfumes on this list, it’s always good to take a look at Scent Grail’s S.P.A. Signature Factor Guide.

It is easy to use and the most relevant perfume buying guide on the web. This way, you can check out if a particular fragrance is worth checking out, and potentially find your signature perfume.

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Until next time, have a great time and keep smelling like a million bucks!

Best, Marin!
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