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The winter is almost gone, and as with every new season, it is time to put those heavy winter coats in the back of the closet. and put on those T-shirts and shorts. In this guide, you’ll find the best spring fragrances for men on the market today.

Each of these perfumes has been carefully hand-picked by yours truly so that they fit perfectly for this blossoming season.

To ensure that you have everything in one place, besides the list, I have also included these topics:

  • Fragrance families
  • Fragrance strengths & perfume concentrations
  • How to wear perfume

According to Eisenberg’s article, “It’s a good idea to adopt a lighter scent that leaves you smelling fresh and airy, not heavy or spicy.”

That’s a nice way to put it simply in one sentence. As for me, I wear perfumes on different occasions, and not just for review purposes, so you should have various options for different situations.

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Let’s check out what I had chosen for you this upcoming spring season.

Professional perfume tips

If this article was just about ten perfumes and nothing else, I would call it a half-finished job. This is why I always strive to provide you with the most complete articles.

Even when it’s “just” about the top ten list of perfumes you should try. No matter what kind of topic I am writing for Scent Grail, one thing’s for sure; you are always in the good hands.

For me, spring is the season of never-ending nature rebirth and the time when I finally start to get back to my warm-weather routines of running and taking long trips by bicycle.

What makes you happy about the spring? Let me know in the comment section of this article.

Fragrance families

Fragrance families are a classification system used by the perfume industry in order to place different scents into olfactive groups.

Besides olfactive groups, in the perfumes word, we also have two other terms:

  • Notes
  • Accords

Notes are commonly known as perfume indigents, and accords are “fantasy” notes made from several other notes to get one distinct accord(note).

Notes and accords are separated into three different classes known as the perfume pyramid:

  • Top Notes
  • Middle Notes
  • Base Notes

Each of the separate note stages is carefully created by perfumes to evaporate accordingly.

For example, top notes such as citruses evaporate faster than for instance, Cedarwood and Vetiver found in the middle or base stage of the perfume.

In modern perfumery, accords are a vital part of creating a harmonious blend of two or more notes into a distinctive smell.

Most common spring perfume notes:

  • Lemon
  • Bergamot
  • White musk
  • Neroli
  • Petit Grain
  • Vetiver
  • Lavender
  • Sandalwood
  • Rosemary
  • Clary Sage

Spring Fragrances are defined by their lively scent profile, airy structure, and vibrant performance. Your spring fragrance choice should be as the spring itself. Blooming and fresh.


The fragrance wheel is a great tool to determine what kind of scents you may like. As you can see, colors blend into each other, and opposite colors clash.

The groups bordering one another tend to share common scent characteristics, similarities, and differences in their odor profile.

The main groups of Oriental, Floral, Woody, and Fresh and also divided into sub-groups and it is a great place to start for perfume beginners.

For example, woody and oriental families share the common warm and dry theme, while fresh and florals are sparkly, powdery, and airy.

Read more about fragrance families and fragrance wheel here.

Fragrance strengths & perfume concentrations

Fragrance strengths and perfume concentrations refer to raw material oil concentration, and affect sillage and projection.

All perfume products fall into these main categories:

  • Eau Fraiche 1-3%
  • After Shave/Mist/Splash 1-3%
  • Eau de Cologne 2-4%
  • Eau de Toilette 5-15%
  • Eau de Parfum 15-20%
  • Pure Parfum/Extrait de Parfum 20-40%

For an easy way to visual guide to see the concentration differences, check out the infographic below.


Read more about this topic here.

How to wear perfume

If you have ever wondered why your perfume may only last about an hour or two, the reason may be that you are not wearing your perfume the best way.

Here are five top tips on how should you wear perfume:

  1. Find your favorite perfume – it’s important to test potential perfume many times before purchasing. Always spray the perfume on the skin when testing.
  2. Choose the scent for the right occasion/season – The daytime fragrance is usually lighter, citrusy, effervescent, and lasts less while nighttime fragrances are stronger and denser with “heavier” notes. That’s why it’s important to consider what kind of perfume you want before buying and choosing the right perfume for particular occasions and seasons. This also applies to your job and your lifestyle.
  3. Spray perfume on the skin – The ideal way of wearing the perfume is by applying it directly to the skin. Perfume products are made to best interact with our skin and our body heat.
  4. Don’t rub your skin – Instead of rubbing the perfume into the wrists, after spraying the perfume, you can gently dab the wrists a couple of times, and keep this habit without affecting the perfume.
  5. Spraying less is often more – Many people overspray their perfume, and block their scent receptors. To avoid this happening to you, do not spray more than 2 to 4 sprays maximum.

Read more about wearing perfume here.

The best spring fragrances for men: The List

As with every perfume list I do here, I always try to mix and match perfumes that work equally well when it’s hot or cold, and including something many seem to forget….wearability.

What do I mean by wearability? If a fragrance is only wearable for one season and one occasion that comes once or twice per year, to me, the fragrance is not worth buying.

Those who follow this blog for some time know that I go by something I like to call “We often forget that the best fragrances are often the most talked-about“.

No matter which part of the fragrance journey you are at, there is a good reason why some fragrances seem to live through fading trends and get mentioned a million times.

Without further ado, I present to you the best spring fragrance for men you should check out this season.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza

Why have I picked Colonia Essenza: This Acqua di Parma is my most recommended perfume on this blog up to this date.

It is everything a modern man should wish for. Easy to wear, and high-quality Neroli-based perfume for an affordable price I will never stop recommending it.

Classic, timeless, and luxurious. In my opinion, Essenza will be always my versatile champion.

Check out the full review of Colonia Essenza.

  • Perfumer: Michel Almairac
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDC
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Floral
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Most dominant notes: Bergamot, Neroli, and Musk
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 8 – 10 hours of longevity with moderate sillage
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve 

Why have I picked Atlantiqve: The latest edition in the Bvlgari line, Atlantiqve mixes the best parts from that line and enhances it the “blue” note of ambroxan.

You definitely get a fresh marine vibe, but with added Bleu/Sauvage touches for a fraction of the price.

Gone is the “egg” smell some have trouble with from the previous releases so don’t be afraid of that. What I do get is the smell of the ocean in the morning when its still not that hot.

The performance is very good, and it works even in winter.

  • Perfumer: Jacques Cavallier
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDT
  • Fragrance Type: Aquatic Amber
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Most dominant notes: Amrboxan, Sea Notes, and Bergamot
  • Age Group: 18+
  • Seasons: Any season
  • Occasions: Any occasion
  • Longevity and Sillage: 8 – 10 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 3/5
  • Value for money: 9/10

Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme

Why have I picked Eau Sauvage Extreme: The black sheep of the Eau Sauvage perfume family, Extreme is almost never recommended by anyone which boggles my mind.

Thankfully, Dior rarely discontinues their fragrances, and here is an opportunity for you to try out one of the best aromatic fragrances on the market right now.

The combination of aromatic notes of rosemary, basil and coriander that dances with citruses, and lavender just like those found on Adriatic islands during the blooming season is to die for.

If you are a professional, working in an office environment, and over 30 years of age, do not miss out on this magnificent timeless creation.

  • Perfumer: François Demachy(reformulation)
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDT Intense
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Aromatic
  • Release Date: 1984
  • Most dominant notes: Lavender, Lemon, and Rosemary
  • Age Group: 30+
  • Seasons: Spring and Fall
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 4/5
  • Value for money: 9/10

Guelain Eau de Cologne Imperiale

Why have I picked Eau de Cologne Imperiale: Just like with the before-mentioned Eau Sauvage Extreme from Dior, Eau de Cologne Imperiale also doesn’t get mentioned almost anywhere for no good reason.

Great neroli dominant citrus perfume best used in the early morning as a refreshing way to start your day before coffee and breakfast.

While it doesn’t last all that long, many have mentioned that it has therapeutic properties of healing headaches.

It was specially composed for the Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III, it earned its creator the title of “Perfumer to His Majesty”.

  • Perfumer: Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDC
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Aromatic
  • Release Date: 1860
  • Most dominant notes: Neroli, Citruses, and Lemon Verbena
  • Age Group: 18+
  • Seasons: Spring and Fall
  • Occasions: Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 1 – 2 hours with intimate projection
  • Uniqueness: 3/5
  • Value for money: 9/10

Thierry Mugler Cologne Come Together

Why have I picked Mugler Cologne: Thierry Mulger house has reformulated the old 2001 formula with the mysterious “S” note at the heart – a molecule kept in secret even today.

The new edition is a modern take on its’ fresh formula from the past, but still energizing just like the previous edition to keep the formula modern for today’s clientele.

Easy to wear, citrusy, and green soapy fragrance, wearable for both men and women. Great if you want to smell like you just took a shower without smelling like a generic shower gel.

  • Perfumer: Alberto Morillas
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDT
  • Fragrance Type: Fresh Aromatic
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Most dominant notes: Petitgrain, and Musk
  • Age Group: 18+
  • Seasons: Spring and Fall
  • Occasions: Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 2 – 4 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 3/5
  • Value for money: 8/10

Armaf Club De Nuit Sillage

Why have I picked Sillage: I’m not the kind of guy that recommends straight-up clones of more expensive perfumes just like that, but it would be a shame if you missed out on a chance to sample this one before buying Creed Silver Mountain Water.

It is so close to Creed, that it’s almost terrifying. Of course, it ain’t 100% exactly the same product as the fragrance it’s trying to copy, but I’ll be damned if this ain’t the best clone of something else out there.

That ink plus green tea vibe from SMW is in the far back, but the metallic vibe is still present. Throughout the perfume’s life, subtle citrus plus floral notes leave a beautiful scent trail, while black currant, musk, and ambroxan keep the performance pushing throughout the day.

Sillage is one of those silent high-quality perfumes at low cost, you should try it out since it smells better than the current formulation of SMW.

  • Perfumer: n/a
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDP
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Musk
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Most dominant notes: Bergamot, Musk, and Black Currant
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Any season
  • Occasions: Any occasion
  • Longevity and Sillage: 10 – 12 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10

Prada L’Homme Water Splash

Why have I picked Water Splash: Just take a look at that gorgeous bottle that reminiscences the spring. The scent itself is even better.

Fantastic clean and gentle unisex creation without that slightly cloying sour sweetness found in the original and the Intense version.

Ideal for spring and summer on the work or beach as well with touches of flowers and spices working together like a Swiss clock. Everyone should have an easy-to-wear fragrance like Water Splash in their perfume wardrobe when they want to smell expensive without thinking about what to wear.

  • Perfumer: Daniela Andrier
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDT
  • Fragrance Type: Floral Spicy
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Most dominant notes: Iris, Ginger, and Neroli
  • Age Group: 25+
  • Seasons: Spring and Summer
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 4/5
  • Value for money: 9/10

Hermès Terre D’Hermès

Why have I picked Terre D’Hermès: Many things have been said about Terre D’Hermès during the last 15+ years since it was released, and many will be in the upcoming years.

Terre stands on its own, proudly, as probably the best men’s release of the 21st century. Funnily enough, The trend of copying Terre has just now started to catch up with the release such as the new Dior Homme(2020) with Iso E super dominating as the main note.

Terre d’Hermès has already become a modern classic that will outlast many designer and wannabe niche perfumes for decades to come. Orange with the combination of mineral notes and green vetiver will blow you away. In my personal opinion, the scent bubble that Terre creates is none the other.

Read the full review here.

  • Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDT
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus Woody
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Most dominant notes: Orange, Grapefruit, and Vetiver
  • Age Group: 30+
  • Seasons: Spring, and Autumn
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 6 – 8 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10

Frederic Malle French Lover

Why have I picked French Lover: Do you wear perfumes just for yourself and don’t care what anyone will think about them?

Do you love high-quality green woody scents that are made to be timeless and smooth as butter? If both of these answers were positive, you owe yourself to try out French Lover by Frederic Malle.

French Lover is a masculine and refined combination of pine-like notes found in the opening, and dry earth in the middle which all changes in the dry-down into aromatic and spicy green woods.

The more you wear it, the more you’ll get from it. Sometimes the incense pops out from nowhere, and other times you get patchouli you could swear about it was never there before. Don’t let me get started when you start to recognize angelica and galbanum. A masterpiece creation by Pierre Bourdon.

  • Perfumer: Pierre Bourdon
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDP
  • Fragrance Type: Woody Aromatic
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Most dominant notes: Vetiver, Angelica, and Cedarwood
  • Age Group: 30+
  • Seasons: Spring and Fall
  • Occasions: Business and Leisure
  • Longevity and Sillage: 12 – 16 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 5/5
  • Value for money: 10/10

Clive Christian Rock Rose

Why have I picked Rock Rose: One may get fooled when reading the name of this fragrance and think oh no, it’s another “many” rose perfume I’ll never buy.

Actually, the note hiding behind that name is labdanum. The scent profile of labdanum smells rich and complex leather notes but is also used in amber compositions due to its resemblance to ambergris which is getting banned in more and more countries.

Rock Rose is a light floral fragrance that is extremely well blended. Simple, yet complex, I could see Rock Rose as a signature perfume of many men. The scent is dominated by lavender, and violet that calm down as the fragrance dries down into a woody and creamy base.

If you don’t mind spending more on quality, give yourself a chance and try out Rock Rose.

  • Perfumer: n/a
  • Perfume Oil Concentration: EDP
  • Fragrance Type: Aromatic
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Most dominant notes: Lavender, Violet
  • Age Group: 30+
  • Seasons: Spring and Fall
  • Occasions: Leisure and Nightwear
  • Longevity and Sillage: 12 – 16 hours with moderate projection
  • Uniqueness: 4/5
  • Value for money: 9/10


cherry blossom - best spring fragrances for men

Spring is almost here, and I can’t wait to start wearing easier fragrances that come to life with rising temperatures.

How did you like my top 10 best spring fragrance for men list? Did I miss any of your spring favorites? Let me know in the comment section below.

To make sure that you are making a good decision before you are purchasing a perfume, check out my S.P.A. Signature Factor Guide. It is the easiest and the most relevant fragrance buying guide on the web.

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Until next time, have a great time and keep smelling like a million bucks!

Best, Marin!
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